Learner, leader
& organizational
growth in
one–hour bursts.

Actionable Conversations™ is a simple yet powerful platform that dramatically improves workplace effectiveness through better relationships and shifted behavior.

What makes Actionable Conversations™ unique is the triple impact of learner skill development, leader credibility enhancement, and real-time insight for the organizational leaders around measurable behavior change and leader impact. All in roughly an hour a month.


Key Features

Address a business challenge through the lens of a popular business book.

Intelligent relationship development moments and context based application and reflection.

Simple, low touch, roughly an hour / month + 1 minute / day to drive real, measurable behavioral change.


How it works

Team conversations, individually-relevant actions, peer accountability and real-time, applicable business insights.

That’s the Actionable™ process for improved engagement, productivity and leader impact.


Daily Check In




Activity Report