In order to survive we must adapt

Employees who embrace change quickly, collaborate with others, and have irrepressible enthusiasm, bring the best prospect of sustainable growth and financial success to any organisation.



Organisations worldwide understand the importance of building and aligning values-driven cultures, strengthening cohesion in their executive and management teams and developing authentic leadership capability. These key ingredients build sustainable competitive advantage, continued growth and financial success.

Reasons To Begin a Cultural Alignment Journal

New system/process implementation.

Support the successful implementation of a merger or acquisition.

Align employees to the vision and strategy of the organisation.

Create a strong culture that responds efficiently to changing market conditions.

Establish a customer-centric culture.

Develop a strong, cohesive leadership team.

Attract and maintain talent by transitioning to a collaborative approach to work.

Stakeholder integration and collaboration.

Our Aproach

Stage A

Pre-Measurement. The program is launched with a 360 degrees assessment focused on leadership behaviors

Stage B

Aligning the top leadership team with the organisation’s vision and values.

Stage C

Building and executing The Cultural Alignment Plan.

Stage D

Measuring the success of the Cultural Alignment journey.

Our Tools

Barret Values Centre

Cultural Values Assessment (CVA)™
Small Group Assessment (SGA)™
Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)™

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Human Synergistics

Organisational Cultural Inventory (OCI) ™
Life Style Inventory (LSI)™
Group Styles Inventory (GSI)™

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