A Time to Reflect

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We are fast approaching the end of year. If you’re leading a team like I am, you will be rushing to deliver important work before the end of the year and will most likely finish up with the Christmas party and team lunches where you will most likely informally acknowledge the work of the team with statements like “what a great year”. “We’ve done some pretty impressive work this year.” “Next year is going to be even better.” Or, “We’ve had a pretty tough year. No doubt, next year will be better.” There’s nothing wrong with saying these things. We want to hear them from our leaders.

I encourage you to try something a little different and a little deeper this year. Simply download “A Time to Reflect”, the questions and the instructions and hold a one-hour session with your team.

Why? We rush all year focusing on delivering on our KPI’s and often we disconnect from what it is about the work that we love. The second question on the hand-out is “What attracted you to your current work that you find meaningful, challenging or exciting? My personal answer to this question is “to help leaders get the best out of the talented people they have in their team, by coaching, facilitating, developing instead of leaders simply telling people what to do which regresses many of us back to our childhood years where we are more subservient and less creative. We need our people’s ideas if we are to develop a culture of innovation.

Answering this question connects me once again with the reason I’m doing this important work. It gives me energy. Without energy, there is no discretionary effort.

The whole purpose of this one-hour session is to leave the team feeling connected to the team itself, leaving them acknowledging their wins were in 2016. Not just tangible wins such as profit and growth targets. Intangible and equally important wins such as “What did we learn?” Importantly this session helps the team think about what a successful 2017 could look like and how they can individually and collectively make it happen.

You don’t have to be an experienced facilitator like me to run this process. Recently I was coaching a leader on how to deliver a similar session and he asked “But what if they don’t say anything?” and I responded, “Be silent until they do.”

What you do need is a mindset that everyone’s perspective is important and that if you want a really strong results focused 2017, you need the team to construct a specific vision to achieve that. This process helps you do just that.

It’s a deep dive. It’s taking the time to reflect.

Drop me a line and let me know how you went.

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