Stories of Success

The measure of our success is based on the outcomes that our clients report. Below you will find a collection of our client’s journeys and the success they achieved from the delivery of our programs.

Closing the Leadership Capability Gap

The Brief

 A highly specialised systems engineering division of a global technology leader was delivering on a contract to provide a suite of products and services from building and maintaining DLANs to enhancing specialist software, testing and integration.

The division was experiencing high levels of staff turnover.  Replacing skills in such a specialised field was challenging and put enormous pressure on the remaining team to meet customer demands. The managers were struggling with the expectations of the customer which contributed to a culture of blaming. Blaming the customer, blaming other departments and blaming the staff.

The Solution

We met a selection of stakeholders including our client’s customers, staff, leaders and senior managers.  This critical stage revealed a common pattern that existed with customers, employees, and high-level management.  All of the leaders came from a highly technical background and were lacking basic management skills. 

People for Success developed a tailored leadership program which included pre-work and the administration and debriefing of an emotional intelligence assessment (EQi 2.0 for 40 managers).  The assessments helped managers understand on a personal level how their self-awareness, level of optimism, etc., had contributed to the high turnover and culture of blame.

Each manager participated in four days of training on how to incorporate the emotional intelligence framework which also included basic management skills such as being clear in their communication, giving behavioural and performance based feedback, motivating staff and delegating technical-based work. This was a big wake-up call as one by one each manager took responsibility for the culture they had unconsciously created.

The Outcome

Within six months of program completion an internal survey showed a 20% increase in the engagement of the team members.  After twelve months only one person had left the department. There was a marked improvement in communicating with the customer.



Our clients are from a wide range of industries including engineering, pharmaceutical, technology, property management, retail, manufacturing, entertainment and community organisations.