Stories of Success

The measure of our success is based on the outcomes that our clients report. Below you will find a collection of our client’s journeys and the success they achieved from the delivery of our programs.

Developing Stakeholder Relationships

The Brief

Our client manages a large project management team and wished to improve how the team worked internally and with key stakeholders for the purpose of achieving very tight project KPI’s; KPI’s they had consistently failed to meet in the past due to the pursuit of personal agendas instead of persuing team goals. 

The Solution

After lengthy discussions with the management team we embarked upon a rich leadership development program around improving the ’emotional intelligence’ of the team. The program included four key stages. The first stage involved each leader assessing their emotional intelligence using the world renown EQI 2.0. Each person had a one-on-one feedback/coaching session with an accredited facilitator of the tool. The second stage of the program involved participants attending Day One of the two day program on Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers. Leaders were required to conduct three work assignments in between Day One and Day Two and report their progress on the morning of Day Two (stage 3 of the program). The break in the program allowed the participants to undertake rigorous self-work before developing their stakeholder management skills, in the second half of the program. The final stage of the program was a half-day follow up session, one month after the program, where participants present to senior management their individual journeys and how the program has impacted on the achievement of team KPI’s.

The Outcome

The manager who initiated the training is delighted with the outcome of the program which includes a noticeable increase in the achievement of his team’s KPI’s, in particular a substantial reduction in stakeholder complaints and an increase in achievement of on-time delivery. A delightful side effect of the program, which is difficult to measure but easy to feel, is a happier team which is working better together.



Our clients are from a wide range of industries including engineering, pharmaceutical, technology, property management, retail, manufacturing, entertainment and community organisations.