Stories of Success

The measure of our success is based on the outcomes that our clients report. Below you will find a collection of our client’s journeys and the success they achieved from the delivery of our programs.

Strengthening the Executive and Senior Leadership Teams

“People for Success facilitated a series of Leadership Team Alignment workshops for our executive group. Our senior leaders gained insights into how they see themselves, how others see them and how those insights can be used to improve our team’s performance. Following the investment in the program, we not only saw immediate improvements in our leadership culture here at carsales, but also long term positive impacts to the way we lead and communicate.” 

Cameron McIntyre  
Chief Operating Officer,

The Brief

Together with its subsidiaries employing over 650 people in Australia, Carsales develops world leading technology and advertising solutions. Carsales currently operates in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and is the largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business in Australia. 

Carsales, following a strong vision, has developed a superior suite of products and services, which have driven rapid growth within its business units. Their culture is one of the company’s biggest assets focusing on customer-centricity and product innovation. Carsales attracts top talent for executing its strategy, as it enjoys great reputation for being an engaging and vibrant workplace. 

In the midst of its growth strategy, the company approached People for Success to support them with the development of its leadership teams. The executive team knew that in order to succeed with the growth strategy, they would need the support of strong and aligned executive and senior leadership teams.

The Solution

After conducting series of meetings with the General Manager of People and Culture, the CEO and COO, the overall objectives of the program were established. These included to improve awareness of effectiveness as a leader, to develop strategies for improving leadership capability and to strengthen collaboration throughout the leadership teams.

Our Top Team Alignment Program was tailored to the specific requirements of Carsales’ leadership teams, beginning with the Executive Team, followed by each Senior Leadership Team in a series of stages.

  • First Stage– Measurement: We used Human Synergistics’ 360 LSI 1&2 feedback assessment to facilitate leaders get a more clear understanding about what is currently supporting and hindering their effectiveness as a leader.
  • Second Stage – Top Team Alignment Program: Each Leader attended a two-day off-site workshop where the assessment’s feedback was presented to them. Each leader had a turn to open-up and give an honest account of how the leadership team was functioning, how their own leadership style impacted the delivery of the company’s objectives and how to move forward together towards an inspiring vision and strategy.
  • Third Stage – 360 Debriefing Sessions: Each leader was supported with a one-on-one executive coaching session to debrief the 360 feedback with the purpose of developing constructive leadership behaviours and exploring values/beliefs that resulted into defensive styles of communication. 
  • Fourth Stage – Executive Coaching: Each member of the executive team received three months’ worth of executive coaching to further develop their leadership mindset and capability and to embed the learning from the overall program.

The Outcome

The program had a significant impact on the performance of the executive and the senior leaders. As a result of this initiative, the executive and senior leadership teams became more cohesive, were able to be more direct with each other regarding their ideas and issues and were more focused during their leadership meetings. During the program, leaders committed to both personal and collective actions and initiatives to embed and maintain the momentum of the learning.  They have delivered on all of their commitments and continue to build cohesion and strong leadership capability throughout Carsales.

“I was part of a group session facilitated by People for Success and then received executive coaching from Kristyn. On both occasions, our team and I personally gained immensely from Kristyn’s skills. She is an excellent facilitator and a coach, who is able to make you think about things that matter to your company, team and to you. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kristyn for any similar leadership services.”

Ajay Bhatia, Chief Information Technology



Our clients are from a wide range of industries including engineering, pharmaceutical, technology, property management, retail, manufacturing, entertainment and community organisations.