Stories of Success

The measure of our success is based on the outcomes that our clients report. Below you will find a collection of our client’s journeys and the success they achieved from the delivery of our programs.

Tailoring Global Leadership Program

The Brief

Our client wanted to roll out its 3 major global leadership programs to its Australian leadership team (3,000 staff), well established in America, Britain, France and other countries around the world. Leadership training in Australia consisted of a variety of programs that were not linked to measurable outcomes and did not build on each other. Our client realised the Global program needed tailoring to cater to the unique Australian industrial landscape and its cultural nuances. 

The Solution

Our Director, Kristyn Haywood, undertook an extensive needs analysis which involved surveying the opinions of leaders, extensive interviewing of leaders and directors and spending time with the Human Resources and Industrial Relations teams to tailor the Global Leadership Programs to the local requirements. 

The Outcome

The three leadership programs covering basic leadership and management principles, team leadership and transversal leadership were rolled out in 2007 and continue to be a major contributor to the leadership development and commercial success of this large defence supplier and technology provider. Our Director has trained hundreds of managers over five years and in 2012 continues to nurture the development of leaders. The leadership programs were thought to have contributed to a significant increase in positive ratings for the company’s annual engagement survey.



Our clients are from a wide range of industries including engineering, pharmaceutical, technology, property management, retail, manufacturing, entertainment and community organisations.