When we are led by Authentic Leaders
we bring our whole selves to work

Today’s concept of what makes a great leader is very different to what it once was. 21st Century Leaders are authentic, agile in their thinking, human-centred, and understand they don’t have all the answers. They focus on unleashing talent!



Our Authentic Leadership Experience supports leaders to grow. We support them to grow as people, we support them to help their people grow, and we support people leaders to use practical frameworks to build agile, customer-centric, high-performing teams that keep your business ahead of the game.

The Authentic Leadership Experience

We support Business Leaders and HR teams to build inspiring places to work

Today’s concept of what makes a great leader is very different to what it once was. 21st Century Leaders are agile in their thinking, human-centred and understand
they don’t have all the answers. They focus on unleashing talent!

People for Success’ Authentic Leadership Experience supports managers by providing the practical tools, capabilities, and the inspiration necessary to build customer-focused, high-performance teams.

 Four Leadership Streams: Mastering Self; Inspire Remarkable Performance; Innovative through Agility; Foster Collaborative Teams. Within each stream, four half-day modules supported by our Digital
Behavioural Platform and Peer Group Coaching.

3.5 Hour Micro Learning Sessions

Creates sticky learning experiences, triggering behaviour change

Peer Leadership Coaching Sessions

Peer-group leadership coaching after each module to contexualise learning


Leader's develop and practice regular habits with our Digital Behaviour Change Platform

Real-Time Feedback and Analytics

Peer-group leadership coaching after each module to contexualise learning

Modern, 21st Century Leadership topics

Peer-group leadership coaching after each module to contexualise learning


Passionate, knowledgeable and experienced facilitators leading the experience

Stream One: Self Mastery – Four Half-Day Modules

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
– Aristotle

These four modules support leaders to take a deeper dive into the light and dark corners of themselves so they can access their authentic power, learn from feedback, manage their time effectively, and inspire others to do the same.
Module One: Developing Self- Awareness
  • Understand, through the lens of neuroscience, why you think and behave the way we do.
  • Counter unconscious bias by replacing it with a curious mindset.
  • Identify and explore personal values and strengths though two world-renown tools.
Module Two: First Disrupt your Ego
  • Recognise when ego influences your behaviour and decisions.
  • Communicate constructively with a win/win mindset by quieting your ego.
  • Learn the value of seeking feedback to develop and how to accept it gracefully.
Module Three: Building Resilience 
  • Use emotion and thinking in balance to make emotionally intelligent decisions. 
  • Practice simple mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve effectiveness. 
  • Master the art of reframing setbacks, mistakes and disappointments. 
Module Four: Work Smarter, Not Harder 
  • Become clear about your leadership priorities by answering three simple questions. 
  • Identify the important leadership work that requires 80% of your attention. 
  • Identify time wasters and explore techniques to minimise them. 

Stream TWO: Inspire Remarkable Performance – Four Half-Day Modules

“The more you inspire, the more people will inspire you” – Simon Sinek

These four modules support leaders unlock the potential of their people’s natural talents and use these talents to achieve exceptional performance.
Module One: Collaboration through Mindful Listening 
  • Understand how listening engages hearts and minds and inspires change. 
  • Practice mindfulness techniques to listen with presence. 
  • Experience how listening resolves conflict, strengthens influence and goal-focus. 
Module Two: Transform Potential through Coaching 
  • Learn how less ‘telling’ and more ‘asking’ transforms potential into stellar performance. 
  • Practice five powerful coaching questions to turn around mediocre performance. 
  • Commit to monthly one-on-ones with a powerful coaching framework. 
Module Three: Values – The Secret Sauce of Motivation 
  • Improve motivation and performance through values-based conversations. 
  • Link people’s personal values to their work to inspire great performance. 
  • Develop trust and unite your team through linking personal values to team goals. 
Module Four: Honest Conversations Inspire Change 
  • Overcome fears that arise when giving developmental feedback. 
  • Frame honest conversations to inspire learning and non-defensive reactions. 
  • Practice the 8-step feedback framework to gain skills and confidence. 

Stream THREE: Innovate Through Agility – Four Half-Day Modules

“Innovation distinguishes
between a leader and a follower.”
– Steve Jobs

These four modules support leaders to understand the
fundamentals of Agile ways of working, Design Thinking, and the importance of collaborating to achieve a shared outcome through using deBono’s Six Thinking Hats.
Module One: Lead with Agility
  • Learn Agile Principles and Mindset to improve quality and speed of delivery of work.
  • Optimise your team’s performance and deliver “best in class” value to internal and external customers.
  • Practice using a simple Kanban method of visually displaying the team’s work.
Module Two: Innovate through Design Thinking
  • Achieve outcomes by putting the customer and the employee at the centre of what you do.
  • Map the customer and employee journey with design thinking methodology.
  • Use storyboarding to create innovative customer and employee experiences.
Module Three: Adopt a Learning Mindset 
  • Understand the commercial imperative of having a learning/ growth mindset. 
  • Practice the 5-step ‘restrospective’ process that leads to a continual cycle of learning. 
  • Reframe mistake-making to learning experiences with some simple tips and tools. 
Module Four: Innovate using deBono’s Six Thinking Hats 
  • Learn six modes of thinking that are crucial when transforming a creative idea into an innovative product of value. 
  • Use the creativity of the team to solve complex problems. 
  • Dramatically cut down meeting times whilst improving the quality of output. 

Stream FOUR: Foster Collaborative Teams – Four Half-Day Modules

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” – Henry Ford

These four modules support leaders to develop a team that is clear on its purpose, trusts each other, and follows through on commitments they have bought into.
Module One: High Performance Teams 
  • Cultivate a strong team culture that leads to exceptional group performance. 
  • Identify the good, bad and hidden aspects of your team’s culture. 
  • Design a team behaviour framework (norms) that inspires trust and collaboration. 
Module Two: Purpose Inspires Performance 
  • Create an inspiring team vision and purpose that focuses on the customer value proposition. 
  • Clarify your strategic goals to clearly direct the focus and work of the team. 
  • Clearly communicate your vision and strategic goals by “Starting with the Why.” 
Module Three: Motivate Change through Storytelling 
  • Explain a change, a strategy, a decision through telling an inspiring story. 
  • Help the team think differently and motivated to act quickly through crafting simple stories. 
  • Practice a simple 4-step storytelling technique and gain real-time peer feedback. 
Module Four: The Skillful Facilitator 
  • Learn the art of a skillfully facilitating a focused, outcome-based meeting with solid actions. 
  • Move to action through a consensus decision-making framework. 
  • Practice facilitating with colleagues and gain real-time peer feedback. 
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