A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team.

Vivek Wadhwa



The first step to aligning an organisation’s culture with the market requirements is surprisingly simple. Begin with the alignment or realignment of the leadership teams. Encourage these teams to have an honest look at how they are working together, how they are performing as leaders and what mindset changes are required to maintain a business model that enjoys years of sustainable growth.

Outcomes Of The Program

Creates a space where each participant can express their concerns about the organisation’s management style, strategy and culture.


Examine data and identify how each member is contributing to the working style and culture of the team and what to do to change it.


Gain insights about how the behaviours, beliefs and working styles of the team may be hindering the entire organisation from moving faster, focusing on innovation and the customer.


Provides a framework to break down organisational silos and work towards one vision, one strategy and one culture.


Design and implement initiatives to develop the team towards agility, collaboration and a culture of innovation.


Acknowledge the importance and the impact the leadership team’s culture has on the culture of the organisation.

Our Approach

Stage A

Pre-Measurement. The program is launched with a 360 degrees assessment focused on leadership behaviors

Stage B

Two Day Workshop. Analyse and discuss the effectiveness of the behaviours and thinking style of each leader. Consolidate the team’s identity, purpose and visions.

Stage C

Leadership Coaching. Monthly coaching sessions are held with each leader to support them during the alignment process.

Stage D

Embedding and Follow Up. A series of personal and collective commitments are agreed to be implemented to strengthen the alignment innitiative


Barrett Values Centre

  • Cultural Values Assessment (CVA)™
  • Small Group Assessment (SGA)™
  • Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)™

Human Synergistics

  • Organisational Cultural Inventory (OCI)™
  • Life Style Inventory (LSI)™
  • Group Styles Inventory (GSI)™